Achieving better business agility and responsiveness depends on continuously aligning employee performance with business goals. In this video, Michael Costonis reveals five steps insurers can take.

A recent Accenture study of 2,100 cross-industry leaders and employees found that a large majority of survey respondents believe performance management needs to perform better. But companies lack confidence that they can achieve their goal of aligning employee performance with business performance, especially as the nature of work and the workforce changes with blistering speed.

Our research suggests that employees and leaders believe five major changes will result in improved performance for employees as well as the business. Watch this Insurance Insight of the Week video to learn how insurers can revitalize performance.

Five steps insurers can take to improve employee performance

By taking these five steps, insurers can move ahead, revitalizing their performance management practices, improving the value they get from the investments they make in their employees—and helping people and the entire organization grow and prosper.

For more results of this cross-industry study and a more detailed description of the steps insurers can take to improve their performance management, download Is performance management performing? (PDF). I’m grateful to my Accenture colleagues Deborah Brecher, Johan Eerenstein, Catherine Farley and Tim Good for their work on this study.

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