One way and another, these innovations relate to the human factor.

People—customers and employees—are the foundation of any business’s success. Here are some innovations aimed at building stronger teams and customer groupings. They present new insights into how to tap into people power.

Recognizing that its future success depends on its ability to identify and commercialize innovations, the Italian carrier, Cattolica, has created a permanent innovation team. This team, crucially, comprises individuals from across the business. Team members offer both business savvy and other skills such as analytics, interpretation, communication and mediation.

In the United States, the MGIS Companies, which provide services for physicians, have teamed with Astute Doctor Education to offer a customized educational program to help doctors manage malpractice risk. Its online format gives doctors a convenient way to access expertly designed course material aimed at improving doctor-patient communication and greater patient engagement.

Let’s conclude with some of the innovations aimed at helping insurers strengthen their brands by opening up communication channels with their customers.

AXA in France has created a Facebook community, People Protectors, dedicated to sharing tips about risk prevention. In just two-and-a-half years, this community has grown to an astonishing 1 million people—people who, presumably, are to some extent predisposed to see AXA as a risk-management partner rather than just an insurer. And by now I am sure that you will have read about AXA’s announcement of a strategic partnership with Facebook aimed at further developing its digital, social and mobile footprint.

From Digital Wallflower to Digital Disruptor
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Finally, I was interested to note the creation of an open blog forum by Helvetia, the Swiss carrier. The blog provides a way for Helvetia to introduce its products and services to customers and prospects in a user-friendly and informative way. The company offers the blog in German, French and Italian and it’s clear it goes to a great deal of trouble to provide engaging content, with a distinct editorial mix for each version. (As we at Accenture know all too well, acting like a publishing company is a massive commitment of resources but it seems to be vital in order to create customer engagement.)

I hope you have found this quick overview of some of the innovations being implemented across our industry stimulating. I’d be very interested if you would share any innovations of your own or from other companies. It would also be very interesting to hear any personal experiences of these or other innovations: the proof of the pudding is always in the eating!

To understand the six technology trends driving innovation in insurance, read From digital wallflower to digital disrupter. Accenture subsidiary Fjord also has a useful piece on Trends impacting service design, including “underwriting digital” that should provide valuable input into your thought.

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