Analytics has a big role to play in helping empower agents and brokers to deliver better, more personalized service to their clients, using insights delivered to their mobile devices at the time of need.

As a company, we at Accenture are convinced that the ability to turn the data we all have at our disposal into actionable insights is going to be key to achieving high performance.

This is particularly true in insurance where, as I have argued, the quality of the advice given to clients is a truly differentiating value-add for brokers and agents. It’s something that an aggregator simply can’t provide. The trick, of course, is finding those insights when you need them—no easy task when one considers the growing volumes of data that are available.

One of the most exciting developments I have seen for quite a while is the growing ability of artificial intelligence (AI) to help brokers and agents to use data more effectively, and in real time. We are working with several partners to provide AI solutions that use natural language to provide help to insurers across the sales cycle.

For the agent or broker, AI can dramatically improve the preparation for a meeting by producing a complete customer file along with recommendations and a financial analysis. To paraphrase the distribution head of a large French bank where we are piloting this solution, “A well prepared interview is half the battle.”

Already, it’s clear that these tools are not only improving the quality of the bank’s client meetings, but are cutting down the preparation time as well. During the meeting, too, the solution can help by providing recommendations—again, in language that can actually be understood!

The same dynamic of increased effectiveness and reduced time and cost is evident when it comes to the way in which AI helps call-center agents deliver a personalized response to customers.

It’s a potent combination, and it has the potential turn a road warrior into road victor, if you’ll forgive the pun.

Next time, I’d like to conclude this series by looking at how mobility combined with AI can improve customer self-service.

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