Anyone uncertain about mobility and its “everywhere, all-the-time” nature need look no further than the recently-revealed Apple Watch, slated to debut in 2015 and redefine mobility yet again. For any industry, if business leaders don’t have a long view when it comes to mobility strategies, they will soon be left behind.

The good news, according to the Accenture Mobility Insights 2014 cross-industry survey, is that insurance leaders get it. According to the study, 54% of insurance executives rank mobility as a top two priority, the highest ranking of any industry and well above the 42% industry average.

The Digital Insurer: Are insurers rising to the challenge of mobility?
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Even better, insurers lead the pack when it comes to formal, strategic approaches to mobility. The mobility study showed 55% of insurance leaders have a formal, enterprise-wide mobility strategy. The next closest industry ranked only 48%.

Insurers are placing the right priority on mobility. But the study showed gaps and opportunities that, if addressed, can help insurers maximize their gains from mobility. My next several posts will explore the industry’s approach to mobility, including:

  • Different ways insurers gain from a forward-thinking mobility strategy
  • The industry’s investment in mobility, and whether it’s enough
  • Key tools that often are overlooked in a mobility strategy and
  • Pulling it together into a holistic, thorough mobility plan

The challenge of mobility has never been greater, nor the stakes higher, for insurers. Join me as we explore critical areas of opportunity in rising to the challenge.

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