This week we continue our look at digital innovators in the life and health insurance category from around the world, based on Accenture’s quarterly report.

Here are two more examples of what insurers are doing with digital to create innovation:

Generali rewards policyholders for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

As the first major insurer in Europe, the Generali Group will offer benefits for policyholders who maintain a healthy lifestyle through its “Vitality” health and protection insurance products. The model was developed through a partnership with South African insurer Discovery Insurance and will be launched soon in Germany, France and Austria. Vitality is a behavior-linked shared value insurance model designed by Discovery and focused on “making people healthier” through personalized and regular interaction to encourage, measure and reward healthy lifestyle choices (nutrition, sports activities, healthcare). Vitality will reward healthy behavior with benefits and promotions such as gym memberships, travel perks and more, through a broad network of partners. Use of the app allows personalized client relationships and provide a new bond between insurer and customer.

HUK 24, one of Germany’s leading direct insurers, introduces an app for anonymous insurance comparison in different life stages.

LifeHUK24 is an app that lets customers compare their personal insurance protection with others in a similar situation in a playful, non-binding and anonymous way. Customers can share their experiences with different insurance products with the community and benefit from the experiences of others. Since the app’s launch, HUK 24 estimates that around 1,700 policyholders are participating. LifeHUK24 users cannot buy coverage or talk to a consultant via the app; it is only useful for product comparison purposes. The app is also available on HUK 24’s Facebook page or directly at

Once again, these examples illustrate creative uses of existing mobile technology to reach policyholders and engage them at a level that wasn’t possible before the advance of digital technology. In the HUK 24 example, the app doesn’t supplant direct contact with the insurer, since it is only functional as a comparison tool; rather, it opens the door for direct engagement with the insurer once the consumer has made a decision about coverage.

Next week we will examine how digitalization is proving useful beyond these more straightforward examples and being applied to more a more complex area: risk assessment for occupational disability insurance.

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