Insurance marketing executives place a high degree of faith in traditional channels—for example, face-to-face interaction—for reaching, influencing and interacting with customers. But their confidence in the use of selected digital channels such as mobile and email is growing. What’s more, there is scope for insurers to use mobile technologies to enable agents to deliver more satisfactory face-to-face interactions with their customers.

The confidence insurers have in their use of mobile (49 percent feel they are using it effectively) is supported by the findings of Accenture’s Consumer-Driven Innovation study, which shows 46 percent of customers with tablets, and 37 percent of those with mobile phones, are already interacting with their providers using these devices. And since 67 percent of insurance customers are interested in new services being offered on mobile devices, there is still scope to extend the use of this channel.

Mobile expected to draw half of insurers’ marketing budgets: Accenture INS (Image)

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