Today’s consumers are looking for experiences rather than just products. This shift in preference is largely thanks to the experiences these consumers have with online retailers. How are online retailers responding? They’re tapping into sophisticated analytics to deliver the personal service consumers expect to receive.

Consumers shopping for insurance are no exception. In fact, according to our research:

  • More than 70 percent of insurance customers are ready to purchase insurance online.
  • A full 80 percent say they would switch to an insurer that provided personalized services.
  • Again, 80 percent would be willing to provide insurers with personal information in return for better, less costly coverage.

What these findings confirm is that insurers must put capabilities in place to help understand what their current and potential customers want—then act on the information.

Majority of insurance customers are ready to buy online—how will you meet their needs?
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To learn more:

  • Access the data from more than 6,000 insurance customers across 11 countries and tailor it by age group, line of business and geography.

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