Getting the most out of a new technology platform such as Guidewire takes a rare combination of skills—skills that we have at Accenture. That’s one of the reasons why a leading European insurer chose Accenture to help transform the business and IT capabilities of its claims activities.

With over 100 million customers in more than 60 countries and a commitment to meeting customer expectations, the insurer sought to:

  • Transform its claims processing.
  • Simplify its complex application landscape.
  • Leverage innovative features to improve customer satisfaction.
  • Reduce operating costs.
  • Achieve a competitive advantage.

To meet these goals quickly and efficiently, the company chose to partner with Accenture.

Our team worked with the insurer to:

  • Analyze and benchmark the maturity of the company’s existing capabilities.
  • Define the target processes, operating model and applications required to help achieve the insurer’s vision.
  • Develop a business and IT transformation roadmap.
  • Provide Guidewire training and support.

We used a hybrid Agile/Waterfall approach, which combines fast and flexible application development, and a phased approach to roll out changes.

Using our portfolio of Guidewire implementation tools, accelerators, best-practice frameworks and proven methodologies, and our seasoned local implementation team supported by our dedicated Guidewire Delivery Center, we helped guide the insurer’s smooth Guidewire implementation—a transformation that will set the company apart and place it squarely on the path to high performance.

The company’s next-generation claims capability now includes many innovative and self-service features designed to improve the customer experience and facilitate faster settlement, more transparent communication and more effective customer interactions via any device or channel. Additionally, the insurer’s newly centralized claims organization supported by industrialized processes and a new IT platform helps support a seamless, satisfying and economical customer journey.

Is the insurer happy with the results? I’d say the project has been a resounding success. Along with a decrease in claims expenses by 15 percent and loss ratio improvements of 4 percent, the company now has the agility to address any future claims challenges effectively and at speed—all made possible with Accenture’s help.

To learn more about our Guidewire capabilities, get in touch.

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