Implementing a new technology platform such as Guidewire is not just a technical challenge—claims staff, and operations and management staff all need to be trained in the new system. Accenture supports Guidewire transformations by defining learning strategies and developing training curriculum to help insurers transition efficiently and cost-effectively.

Underway with a comprehensive transformation program touching all aspects of the business, including Claims, Pricing and Customer Relationship, a large Canadian insurer sought help to build a learning strategy and design training for its new automated claims processing software—Guidewire ClaimCenter. The insurer also sought to change both the roles and responsibilities of claims representatives and the underlying claims business processes. The insurer’s goal was to:

  • Improve the overall customer experience when issuing new policies, filing claims and resolving issues.
  • Accelerate claims processing, reduce unnecessary payouts and decrease errors.
  • Reduce operational costs for identifying, paying and settling auto claims.

Accenture worked with the insurer to:

  • Develop a new end-user learning strategy that would leverage the organization’s new Learning Management System (LMS).
  • Define a strategy for migrating the majority of classroom instructor-led training to a web platform.
  • Create a new role-based blended learning curriculum of 120 hours for 3,000 core claims staff and 1,000 operations and management staff.
  • Reduce training delivery costs.

The results speak for themselves. The new learning strategy, unanimously approved by the insurer’s executive team, reduced the average number of training delivery hours from 40 to 32 hours, and created over half a million in savings by reducing training infrastructure needs. The role-based curriculum was designed and built by an onshore/offshore hybrid training development team, which accelerated timeframes by 20 percent and lowered costs by 25 percent. In addition to these savings, the insurer now has a reusable, highly leverageable set of training content with its own tracking and reporting capabilities.

For insurers considering deploying a large, agile program on a flexible platform, partnering with Accenture could be the difference between an undertaking fraught with challenges and a smooth implementation. Our dedicated Guidewire Delivery Center—with our skilled and seasoned global implementation team numbering more than 300 specialists with more than 20,000 hours of Guidewire training—means we can scale our services for regional and global projects. And it means we can help you gain the maximum benefit from your Guidewire applications.

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