This week I’d like to introduce a new offering to the life and annuity industry around consumer behavior management and reaching a new level of auditing interactions.

Insurance companies record voice communications so that they have them on hand for purposes that include auditing and training. But can they replay a consumer interaction that took place on their website? Can they see the actual screens with the customized directional information that the customer experiences? Well… No.

Now there are new solutions available that can enhance your ability to capture, view and evaluate consumer behavior online, helping you improve customer care, increase customer satisfaction and, at the same time, help mitigate financial, operational and regulatory risks.

This solves problems in key business areas:

  1. Forensic auditing for Legal and Compliance
  2. Omni browsing – for contact center service optimization
  3. Qualitative user analytics

What is unique about consumer behavior management?

It is a way to record how customers interact with your website and how they perform online transactions. It lets you record, search and replay the actions of any user on your site, tracking interactions on the Web or on mobile devices.

But it is not just another Web analytics solution. It offers organizations a new perspective with qualitative analytics that provides insight into the experiences of each user, virtually peering over their shoulder online or visually sharing their full experience offline.

Enhanced Benefits

Managing customers’ online experiences helps to satisfy False Claims Act (FCA) recordkeeping requirements and simplifies compliance and dispute resolution by letting you reference specific customer interactions. You can also record activity for auditing purposes, as well as evaluate and analyze how home or back office users are processing transactions so you can make operational improvements. There are also further benefits to the internal IT department, QA and more.

These capabilities are now available as a non-intrusive solution that can be integrated seamlessly and implemented just few weeks. Interested to know more? Don’t hesitate to contact me directly:

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