Within five years, automation driven by AI will be seamlessly embedded in every aspect of the insurance business. Michael Costonis explains in this Insurance Insight of the Week video.

The volume of data that insurers need to gather, manage and analyze is growing at an exponential rate as cars, commercial and industrial equipment, fitness wearables and homes are woven into the Internet of Things. Thanks to the billions of sensors and devices joining the connected world, insurers will have a huge amount of information about the lives and assets that they insure.

Insurers will need to rely on machines to help them sift through the data to gain insights and make decisions. But this will not mean a simple transfer of tasks from human to machine, it will mean blending automation and human agency to maximize the strengths of technology and the workforce.

Watch this Insurance Insight of the Week video to learn the seven steps insurers should take in the next 100 days to better understand the state of intelligent automation and artificial intelligence in their organization.

Seven steps for insurers wanting to embed intelligent automation in the workplace

Leading insurers will embrace automation and artificial intelligence not just to take advantage of the breakneck pace of digital change, but also to create a new digital world where they hold a competitive advantage.

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