Accenture introduces a powerful new tool created for insurers who are looking to leverage advanced analytics to improve the performance of their businesses. This interactive website demonstrates how advanced analytics can provide solutions to insurers’ most daunting challenges.

Analytics: A plethora of opportunities for insurers

Though insurance is a data-intensive business, insurers are generally lagging behind other industries in the effective use of data analytics to drive business outcomes. While they do see the need to invest in analytics, many insurers are focusing on using it to understand the past rather than shape the future.

Visionary companies have an opportunity to leverage data and analytics to transform their businesses for high performance. In a world where the competitive landscape is shifting and customer demands are growing, leading insurers should be seizing analytics as an opportunity to better personalize their products, services and interactions as well as sharpen their management of risk.

Accenture has distilled the critical success factors that will help insurers transform their approach to analytics in this step-by-step graphic, illustrating the issues, benefits and outcomes insurers will encounter as they seek to transform their businesses with analytics.

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