An Accenture survey of more than 400 insurance executives finds the majority plans to have a wholly digital sales process that only uses human interactions when a customer needs advice.

As insurers move steadily toward a digitally enabled enterprise, they are making substantial changes to their distribution capabilities. From advice through purchase, more and more insurers are increasing their ability to offer digital service to their customers. In fact, four out of five insurers have, or plan to have, a wholly digital sales process that uses human interactions only for customers needing advice.

Insurers expect to increase their digital provision of sales- and service-related functions

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More and more insurers are shifting to a digitally enabled omni-channel distribution model

These results from the Accenture Distribution and Agency Management Survey demonstrate insurers’ commitment to increasing their digital capabilities. For claims leaders, it also raises questions about how to best serve clients through digital channels—for example, some types of claims may be suitable candidates for a fully digital customer experience, while others may require the human touch of a claims agent.

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