Innovation is seen as a key driver of market-share growth, according to Accenture’s 2014 Digital Innovation Survey. Almost a third of insurers surveyed (31 percent) expect innovation resulting from digital technologies to increase market share by up to 10 percentage points, 29 percent expect premium growth to come from expanding their customer base using digital channels and 33 percent expect usage-based auto insurance to account for more than 6 percent of premium income in the next three years.

To achieve this growth, insurers need to get the basics right, today, including multi-channel excellence, customer orientation and personalization, operational simplicity, and agility and superior execution. Insurers also need to define a clear digital strategy and business model, develop and nurture a customer-first digital culture and organization, and test and learn continuously to fine-tune all elements of the road map.

Insurers believe digital innovation drives growth Insurers believe digital innovation drives growth

Download the Digital Innovation Survey report or interact with the survey data.

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