In responding to the digital-driven changes that lie ahead for the workforce—an imperative I raised in my last blog—insurers have a key ally: their employees. Today’s workers generally welcome the opportunity to be better at what they do—especially when it comes to being “digital ready.” Employees are both assessing the digital skills they will need for the future (like ideation, emotional intelligence, and the ability to communicate ideas) and seeking out learning opportunities.

Insurance Workforce of the Future

In addition to seizing on workers’ enthusiasm and desire to learn, insurers also have a chance to attract a younger and more technically savvy workforce that is fit for the digital future. Doing so will require carriers to:

  • Effect the right support environment.
  • Create meaningful, interesting and challenging jobs, especially those that help improve people’s lives.
  • Improve their image, recasting themselves as highly relevant businesses that are committed to delivering dynamic and innovative solutions.
  • Identify required skills—and determine whether they can be developed in-house or need to be acquired.
  • Convey that they offer a unique employee experience—one that rewards creative problem solving, flexibility and innovation.

My next blog in this series will discuss three things insurers must do now to stay ahead of the talent curve.

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