In our previous post in this series, Jean Francois Gasc gave us an overview of the Efma Accenture Insurance Innovation Awards program nominees in the Best Disruptive Product or Service category. This week, let’s take a look at the nominees in the Claims Management category.

Allianz France: Allianz, Your expert is in the sky

The new “Claims expertise: Your expert is in the sky” solution uses drones to help the company manage large losses when claims adjusters must examine tall buildings or many buildings damaged in a storm. The drones take only a few hours to deploy, enabling the company to receive a quick first view of the extent of the damages and make preliminary decisions regarding the appropriate repair solutions, reducing the time until business can resume.

April International: Easy Claim, healthcare reimbursements just a click away!

With Easy Claim, a new mobile application, customers can send their claims for reimbursement of medical expenses—up to €400 per bill—through the app. There’s no longer any need to send original medical bills and prescriptions. This helps customer avoid postal charges, benefit from faster turnaround of claims and save time thanks to new streamlined procedures.

Assicurazioni Generali: New service on Natural Events – Generali qui per voi – Here for you

This new claims management solution offers a better approach to dealing with natural disasters. It is flexible and adaptable to event characteristics, allows for fast intervention, with 24 to 48 hours guaranteed, offers innovative settlements such as advance compensation and physical reparations, and provides onsite customer support through a number of settlement offices in the territory and a mobile operations center with computers, Wi-Fi and power. The solution is an incremental innovation with respect to the traditional previous models, bridging the gap in terms of proximity to customers, coordination of activities and definition of an action plan.

Bradesco Seguros: Operation disaster

When tragedy strikes, the company’s new claims management solution identifies, analyzes and prioritizes casualties resulting from the catastrophe, concentrating efforts to quantify, value and indemnify the insured person, as soon as possible. What makes this service unique and groundbreaking is the significant reduction in the average time of indemnification, from an average of approximately 30 days down to just 6 days.

Covéa: Covisioto, or the 2.0 Repair tracking solution

Covisioto is a web-based application that connects repairers with their customers by providing real-time vehicle repair notifications and access to pictures. In addition, COVEA AIS has 24/7 view of the full workflow. As well as improving brand loyalty, the app has reduced the number of calls between customers and repairers, resulting in productivity increases and savings for all.

Zurich España: Proactive Claims Management for customers into Digital Channel

The Zurich Seguros application and its digital customer area “Mi Zurich”, allows customers to receive notifications and real-time information about their claims. Customers can obtain detailed information about the progress and status of each step in the claim resolution flow, and use self-service functionality to see repairer assignments, a description of the damage, and multimedia and documents attached to the claim.

In our next post, we’ll give you a sneak peek at the nominees in the Customer Experience and Engagement category.

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