On June 9, at the Efma Insurance Summit in Milan, we were thrilled to announce the winners of the inaugural Efma Accenture Insurance Innovation Awards program. The program is a joint initiative from Efma and Accenture, which aims to identify and award the most innovative insurance initiatives and projects around the world in the rapidly as the insurance industry adapts to a digital world.

Global Innovator: AXA Group

This year, the award for Global Innovator goes to AXA Group. AXA Group successfully commits its overall vision to innovation, developing innovative projects in different areas in order to continuously transform its business model, developing and leading a broad ecosystem of partners and going well beyond insurance.AXA Group submitted four innovative solutions:

AXA Group submitted four innovative solutions:

  • HealthKeeper is a community-based digital health insurance application that provides access to medical and wellness services in a pay-as-you-go model to community members.
  • AXA Drive is a freemium Pay How You Drive application that analyzes driving behavior, offers personalized tips to improve driving behavior and provides policy benefits.
  • WellBe is social network app that lets users build wellbeing communities with friends, family and colleagues so that they can receive support and join challenges and activities based on member goals.
  • Are You OK is an innovative digital service that detects emergency situations such as long periods of inactivity or exiting a predefined zone. In case of need, AXA is contacted to coordinate assistance for the family member.

Other winners in the Global Innovator category were:

Best Disruptive Product or Service: Europ Assistance Group for “Connect et Moi”

In this category, we were looking for innovations that enhance and extend the traditional offer, creating new profit pools by serving new customer segments or entering new markets typically beyond the reach of insurance players. Also included were innovative service models.

The innovative solution developed by Europ Assistance Group, helps people support their elderly family members who live alone at home. Based on a learning expert system, which learns the habits of the person at home, the application detects falls, monitors nutrition and hydration, and sends notifications if there is a decrease in activity. Watch the video below to learn more:

Other winners in the Best Disruptive Product or Service category were:

  • Silver: Tokio Marine & Nichido Fire Insurance Co. for “Auto insurance for autonomous vehicle public road experiment”
  • Bronze: Telenor India for “Telenor Suraksha (Free Life Insurance)”

Claims Management: Allianz for “Allianz, Your expert is in the sky”

In this category we were looking for innovative practices in claims management aimed at facilitating and/or accelerating the claims management process, or aimed at improving the detection and prevention of fraud.

In February 2015, Allianz France launched a new claims solution using drones to aid in its management of large losses. When claims adjusters must examine tall buildings or a large number of buildings damaged in a natural disaster, they can now deploy drones to help them view the extent of the damages. It takes only a few hours to deploy a drone and make initial decisions regarding appropriate repair solutions to help companies resume business. Watch the video below to learn more:

Other winners in the Claims Management category were:

  • Silver: Bradesco Seguros for “Operation disaster”
  • Bronze: Zurich España for “Proactive Claims Management for customers into Digital Channel”

Congratulations not only to the winners, but to everyone who submitted their innovative solutions. It’s exciting to see the creative ways new technologies and models are being applied  and developed across the industry, worldwide. We will soon continue with the winners for the our two other categories.

For a full list of innovations, winners and nominees, register on the Efma site and go to the Innovations Library, Winners 2016 or Nominees pages.

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