Although companies haven’t yet fully recovered from the impact of the global recession, business leaders across industries have told Accenture that they are optimistic about the future. They are increasingly confident in their local economy, their core industry—and perhaps most important, the prospects for their own organizations.

This optimism is fueling ambitious strategies. Many business leaders are targeting new geographic markets and new customers, with new products and services designed to drive growth. Included in these strategies is a keen understanding of the impact that digital technologies have—and will have—on transforming their industry and the way they do business.

Insurance CMO Agenda for Marketing Transformation

While leading companies have embraced new technologies, there is still much work to be done to fully harness the power of digital.

The Accenture CMO Insights Survey found that many in CMOs see challenges ahead in their ability to meet the CEO’s business performance expectations. On one hand, they are tasked with helping the business reach new markets, new products and new customers—and on the other, must try to be agile to the changing dynamics of a digital consumer.

My colleague Julio Rivera has been leading our efforts in North America to address the Insurance CMO Agenda for Marketing Transformation. He and his team have identified its three components:

  • Drive top-line revenue and profitable growth by managing and influencing specific marketing and sales levers.
  • Shift toward a balanced, customer-centric organization.
  • Infuse digital into an integrated marketing, sales and service strategy.

Over the course of this five-part series, I’ll share how the CMO Agenda for Marketing Transformation can help insurers drive revenue, shift toward customer-centricity and leverage digital for high performance.

Next week, I’ll discuss how CMOs can drive revenue and growth for the business.

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