Cloud computing is more than a catchphrase or disruptive technology—it represents a new model that will impact how IT is procured, delivered and supported. Given its flexibility, cost effectiveness and responsiveness, it’s no wonder that cloud is increasingly important for insurers seeking high performance.

Cloud computing: Keeping it in the cloud


Key findings include:

  • Nearly half of insurers (45 percent) are interested in cloud storage, compared with only 34 percent of banks.
  • In both industries, adoption of cloud storage is low.
  • Notably, insurers do not have longer-term plans for cloud storage, compared with 4 percent of banks that plan to implement cloud storage in a year or more.

It’s likely that security concerns are a barrier to entry. Accenture anticipates that insurers will focus on establishing and using private clouds, eventually moving into public clouds as confidence grows.

To learn more, download How Cloud Computing Will Transform Insurance (pdf; opens in a new window).

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