The Accenture Analytics in Action study found that insurers see the value in analytics, but many lag behind other industries in analytics ambition and capabilities. What’s holding them back? Accenture believes there are three barriers: resources, culture and talent. In this Insurance Chart of the Week, I’ll focus on analytics talent—or the lack thereof.

The analytics talent gap

The shortfall of analysts in the US will exceed the surpluses expected in India and China combined
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There’s a critical mismatch between supply and demand for analytics talent. In the developed world, the insurance workforce is aging, and Accenture research has found that only 1 percent of university students are interested in insurance careers.

In the United States alone, there’s a deficit of more than 250,000 analytics resources. However, China and India have a surplus of analytics talent. One way for insurers to address the talent tap is to consider a global approach to sourcing analytics resources.

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