The Digital Insurer Claims Customer Survey - Why claims service matters
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Stereotypes about the people who live in different countries are often just that – stereotypes.  As someone focused on the Canadian market, however, I found the responses from individuals participating in Accenture’s Insurance Claims Customer Satisfaction Survey to be interesting, if only because they confirmed my experience about doing business with Canadians.

Canadians have a reputation for being easy to work with, and the country-by-country responses to the survey bear that out.  For example, while 14 percent of insurance customers who have submitted a claim in the past two years said they were dissatisfied with the way it was handled, the figure was only 11 percent for Canada.   And, while 83 percent of those dissatisfied customers have switched – or plan to switch – to another insurer, only 70 percent of Canadians said they had switched or planned to switch.

Interestingly, Canadians ranked near the top for their willingness to share information (such as driving habits and home monitoring data)  with insurers in return for lower premiums, with 89 percent of Canadian respondents saying they are willing to share such information, behind only Finland at 94 percent.  In contrast, only 31 percent of Brazilian respondents said they would share such information.

For more information:  Click here to download the survey report and take an interactive tour of the survey results.

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