The 2014 Accenture Claims Customer Survey found that customers value having access to different channels, and the ability to use the channel of their choosing—which may vary throughout the claims process.

For example, the call center remains the most preferred channel at all stages of the claim—but digital and agency channels are also favored. Notably, more than one-quarter of survey respondents said digital channels are especially important for checking the status of a claim, and checking the status of repairs or replacements.

Further, digital was ranked first for all stages of the claim when customers were asked which channels they would be interested in using. More important, 44 percent of customers said they would switch providers if their preferred digital channels were not available.

Today, digital channels may mean email or text messages, but it could also include, chat capabilities or videoconferencing options. And crucially, it means integrating all channels—digital and traditional—so that however the customer chooses to interact, they will receive a consistent claims experience.

55% of customers would welcome the ability to have damage to their car or home appraised using live video chat or FaceTime.
View the image. Source: 2014 Accenture Claims Customer Survey

Also a part of the digital mix: social media and online reviews. If insurers needed a reason to provide exceptional claims experiences every single time, this is one. Approximately three of 10 customers have already shared their claims experience on social media, while four of 10 read reviews and base buying decisions on them.

Today, one customer’s experience can quickly become amplified over social networks—insurers had better make sure it’s a good experience.

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