We talked last week about the new Accenture Insurance Customer Insights Solution developed by Accenture Duck Creek and Pegasystems Inc. and launched at the Pegaworld conference in Orlando earlier this month.

Pega has created innovative and effective applications at the so-called “front end” of insurance transaction processing.  These include omni-channel distribution (a “deploy once, use anywhere” approach to extend into new channels) and next best action (which uses predictive analytics to support underwriting and customer service decisions) as well as more traditional customer service and underwriting capabilities.

The Accenture Insurance Customer Insights Solution links Pega’s omni-channel capabilities with Accenture Duck Creek’s core policy administration processing capabilities.

Through the Accenture Insurance Customer Insights Solution, the Pega and Accenture applications work together to extend the reach of what was once limited to policy administration to new areas including underwriting and distribution.  As this video shows, this opens up exciting new possibilities.

In my next post I will talk about some of those possibilities in more detail.

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