Women advisors are indicative of the changing dynamics of the life insurance industry. Brian DeMaster shares Accenture research that can guide insurers to better support their women advisors.

For the Accenture North American Insurance Financial Advisors Study, we surveyed 300 financial advisors across North America to determine the factors at play in the life insurance and wealth management industry. In particular, our research revealed six key findings. In today’s blog post, I’ll discuss the sixth finding from the study: that women advisors reflect a changing dynamic within the advisor workforce.

Watch the podcast below as my colleague Patrick Lyons shares some of the key research findings.

To summarize, the life insurance industry is in transition. Our study highlighted six factors that are pressuring life insurance and wealth management firms to make material changes to the way they do business. Key among them is that a shift toward holistic, advice-led service is critical for addressing customer expectations and improving the bottom line.

To learn more about the findings, register to download Voice of the Advisor Executive Summary: Growing life insurance through the fusion of advice-based selling models and   (PDF).

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