In my previous post, I shared three major themes covered on the Accenture Insurance Blog. This week, I’ll highlight some of the Accenture thought leadership that resonated most with readers. If you’d like to discuss how Accenture can help you successfully navigate an increasingly disrupted and digital insurance industry, email me.

Reimagining insurance distribution[marketo-rtp-id id=”rtp-form-id” image=”” description=”” title=”Accenture Distribution and Agency Management Survey” registration_page_link=””] The Internet of Things (IoT) offers insurers an unprecedented opportunity to develop new products, connect with customers and help prevent—not just insure—risk. This report discusses six key findings from the survey and offers recommendations for how to leverage digital to capture opportunities in today’s market.

People First: The Primacy of People in the Age of Digital Insurance[marketo-rtp-id id=”rtp-form-id” image=”” description=”” title=”Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2016″ registration_page_link=””]Growing consumer interest in the connected home, connected vehicles, wearable technology and other connected devices presents both opportunities and challenges for insurers. This report reveals five trends for insurers wanting to stay ahead of their competitors.
The insurance workforce of the future: Why will so many insurers fail to achieve their digital potential?[marketo-rtp-id id=”rtp-form-id” image=”” description=”” title=”The Insurance Workforce of the Future” registration_page_link=””] Accenture research shows that P&C insurers expect digital transformation to drive premium growth. But while insurers have plans to use technology to drive change, many have not paid equal attention to another important piece of the puzzle: talent. This Accenture Strategy report recommends three things insurers can do to attract and retain the talent they need to succeed in today’s digital world.

Digital Transformation in the Age of the Customer 

Accenture-commissioned research shows that for many insurers, the customer experience is a key driving force for digital transformation. This Accenture Interactive report looks at three key findings from Forrester’s survey of 396 business decision-makers.

[marketo-rtp-id id=”rtp-form-id” image=”” description=”” title=”Are You Ready To Be an Insurer of Things?” registration_page_link=””]

The Internet of Things (IoT) will eventually connect products, homes, enterprises and entire cities—and has the potential to fundamentally change the insurance industry. For carriers wanting to become an Insurer of Things, this report offers five key factors for success.

[marketo-rtp-id id=”rtp-form-id” image=”” description=”” title=”A Path To Riches” registration_page_link=””]

Accenture research on the high-net-worth individual (HNWI) market segment shows that this is a very diverse market, and one that is underinsured. This report summarizes the key findings from Accenture’s analysis of the HNWI segment relative to their insurance needs. It also highlights key competitive strategies for insurers to attract and win this lucrative customer market.

Satisfy the Craving for Insurance Personalization

Market indicators clearly show that insurance customers crave personalized offers and experiences from their providers. To become a decisive competitive differentiator in the digital age, insurers will need to get to know their customers as individuals so they can provide highly personalized and relevant insurance experiences across all channels.

[marketo-rtp-id id=”rtp-form-id” image=”” description=”” title=”Winning with Analytics” registration_page_link=””]

Most insurers agree that analytics are important for their organization’s future. But research from Accenture and MIT Alliance in Business Analytics reveals high performers are far ahead in their journey from data and analysis to insights, decisions and outcomes.


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