Last week I shared the major themes that were covered on the Accenture Insurance Blog. This week, I’ll highlight some of the Accenture thought leadership that resonated most with readers. If you’d like to discuss how Accenture can help you successfully navigate an increasingly disrupted and digital insurance industry, email me.

Stretching Your Boundaries in the Digital EraAccenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2015: Digital Insurance Era: Stretch Your Boundaries: Executive Summary (Cover)
Insurers face massive transformation as they seek to redefine their role in the new “We Economy.” The Accenture Technology Vision for Insurance 2015 report identifies five key trends and provides detailed recommendations for insurers to take advantage of the disruption in their industry.


Accenture Digital Innovation Survey
Reimagining insurance distribution - Distribution and Agent Management Survey Accenture POVAccenture research shows that some companies are setting the pace by adopting digital to drive growth-oriented business strategies. We call them Digital Transformers. This report shares guidelines to help insurers become Digital Transformers, rather than Digital Followers.


The Insurance Customer of Tomorrow
Capturing Insurance Customer of Tomorrow PDF CoverMost insurers realize they need to adapt to meet the needs of an evolving customer and a changing competitive landscape, and to take advantage of new transformative technologies. This report poses three key questions, the answers to which can help insurers become successful digital insurers.


The Connected Home: Opportunities for P&C Insurers
The Internet of Things presents a huge opportunity for carriers, in home as well as auto, commercial and life/health insurance. This report looks at the potential for insurers, and the steps they should consider to take advantage.

Evolving the Independent Agent Channel
Independent agents (IAs) have long been the dominant insurance sales and service channel, but in a digital age they face pressure from a number of fronts. What are the driving forces, and how can IAs maintain their role as the dominant channel?

The Customer-Centric Insurer in the Digital Era
Customers are more demanding, new competitors are threatening to disrupt the market and switching is becoming easier and more commonplace. This report examines the concept in detail. It proposes a set of steps insurers should take as they strive for customer-centricity, and spells out the challenges they will have to overcome.

Reimagining Insurance Distribution
Accenture’s global Distribution & Agency Management Survey offers a striking picture of the extent and the accelerating pace at which digital disruption is transforming insurance distribution. It covers crucial topics such as the customer experience, channel optimization, the changing role of agents and the Internet of Things, among others.

Embracing Innovation to Monetize Disruption
Leading insurers are streamlining and digitizing their existing business and operating models, but they’re also proactively driving innovation and profiting from disruption. This report outlines a vision for the future of the insurance and provides concrete recommendations for insurers.

Insurance Telematics: A Game-Changing Opportunity
This report examines the potential of telematics to transform the auto insurance industry, and argues that insurers cannot afford to dismiss telematics. Recommendations include testing telematics propositions and exploring the potential for other location-based value-added services.

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