Since launching this blog last April, I’ve had the opportunity to talk about current topics in the insurance industry. There have been posts on distribution models, claims management, cloud computing, talent management and much more. I’ve also had the pleasure of featuring some of my colleagues on the blog, and am grateful for their generosity in contributing their expertise.

Customer segmentation

Some topics really seemed to resonate, especially my first series called “The Right Mix of Bricks and Clicks,” which focused on customer segmentation. If you missed it the first time, check out the three-part series here:

Social media in insurance

We’ve been using social media to complement the blog, and the response has been phenomenal. The topic of social media in insurance is a popular one. Many thanks to Kevin Kraft for his guest posts about the use of social media in insurance, and for collaborating with me on a podcast on the same topic. Find out more:

At Accenture, we continue to deepen our industry expertise so that we can help your business achieve high performance. We have exciting things planned for 2011, which you’ll hear much more about in future posts.

Thank you for reading and commenting. I look forward to good things for the coming year.

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