For the past few weeks, I’ve been writing about Accenture’s Digital Innovation Survey, which focuses on the differences between the leaders and the followers in the digital insurance world. Several of my blog posts have examined why merely digitalizing existing processes misses the point of disruptive digitalization.

There’s nothing wrong with adaptations like replicating your existing sales processes on new technology; it will improve efficiency and may also increase conversion rates. Likewise, there’s nothing wrong with insurers developing digital strategies and aligning them with their broader business strategy. All of these efforts will go far in streamlining operations and improving business flow.

But simply applying digital methods over old systems does nothing to fundamentally change your growth prospects, because it doesn’t change the nature of your customer’s relationship with your business. To transform your business into a true Digital Transformer, executives must ask themselves some hard questions to find the “sweet spot” where customer and business values intersect. These tough questions include, “What is possible in addition to what could be profitable?” And, “How will digital change transaction volumes and the average value of those transactions?” And, “What are the sources of customer value, and how will that value translate into revenues?”

Accenture’s Digital Innovation Survey finds that 22 percent of those progressive insurers that we call Digital Transformers have high performance expectations hinging on their digital strategies: they are projecting premium growth of 7.8 percent, compared with 3.9 percent for Digital Followers. The Digital Transformers are sending a clear message about the connection between a fully integrated digital strategy that meshes with customer needs, and ROI.

To learn more on how you can position your business to become a digital leader instead of just a trend follower visit: and explore the full set of data with our interactive data tool.

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