What factors determine the satisfaction and loyalty of a life insurer’s advisor workforce? Accenture research reveals five factors—all within the control of an insurer.

Accenture research shows that the life insurance industry is in transition. Our survey of 300 North American financial advisors revealed six key factors that are causing life insurers to make material changes to the ways they do business. And while that business may include more robust digital capabilities, successful insurers will be those that fuse the best of digital with the strengths of the human touch.

As I explained earlier in this series, the personal and advice-based nature of life insurance products means that advisors play a crucial role. Consequently, it’s important for insurers to foster the satisfaction and loyalty of their advisors.

Watch this podcast as my colleague Patrick Lyons examines the key contributors to advisor satisfaction and loyalty.

These findings can help life insurance and wealth management firms win the hearts and minds of their advisors—who, in turn, can help foster stronger customer relationships.

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