As Americans gather with loved ones for their Thanksgiving feasts, we take time to reflect on the things for which we are most thankful: the health, safety and security of our family and friends. With so much destruction wreaked by Mother Nature this year, it is especially important to count our blessings. Insurance plays a unique role in helping to protect what is most dear to us. Our industry can respond to issues of health, damage to property, or even the loss of a loved one.

As we see the market evolve and intelligent solutions such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, robotics, drones, virtual agents and analytics powerfully driving change into the industry, it is time to reconsider the role that insurance plays. While risk prevention has always been a part of what carriers do, these new tools provide the opportunity for cost-effective, transformative services that will help ensure your customers have plenty to be thankful for next Thanksgiving. Imagine if their holiday blessings included: 

  • “Thank you, for helping my teenage son become a responsible driver with solutions that allowed us to learn together.”
  • “Thank you, for helping my daughter not only get the right coverage when she became pregnant with our first grandchild, but also helping her through all of the steps of a first pregnancy – including baby-proofing her house.”
  • “Thank you, for the end-to-end care you provided me when I lost my father, not just paying the claim but also helping me through all of the things I needed to do.”
  • “Thank you, for helping me set up smart devices in my house that protected my family when the furnace was emitting CO2.”
  • “Thank you, for helping me communicate with my family when we had to evacuate for the hurricane, getting everyone together and safe. The pictures showing that my house was intact were especially welcome for my peace of mind.”
  • “Thank you, not only for ensuring my new small business had the insurance it needed, but also for connecting me with key services that are helping to protect my investment and grow my business.”
  • “Thank you, for helping me understand the cyber-risks threatening my business and not only insuring against them but also setting up services that will help me strengthen my cyber-defenses.”

We – and our customers – have always known that the best claim experiences are the ones we don’t have. As an industry, we now have the tools to begin making that a reality. That, indeed, is a blessing for which we ought to be thankful!

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