Wealth and Asset Management Services Spotlight - Redefining the Wealth Management Client Onboarding Experience
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Organizations need six primary capabilities for meeting the new needs of stakeholders and transforming the onboarding process.  These are:

  1. Client/Advisor experience: Ensure that the end experience is positive and encourages long-lasting relationships
  2. Process: Enable key drivers by improving the way work flows through the organization
  3. Organization: Develop and stick with a deliberate plan for who does the work, when, and what they will need to do their best job
  4. Governance: Design and implement a well-thought out strategy and determine how the organization will lead this change
  5. Data: Identify which insights are needed to drive the organizational vision and map out how data will be gathered, analyzed and managed to achieve this goal
  6. Technology: Modernize tools, applications and the underlying architecture to ensure that organizational pillars and strategies are supported

Join me next week, when I’ll talk about how to analyze each of these categories in relation to your own organization.

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