In my last post, I shared that 28 percent of Millennials will not take a financial advisor’s advice without consulting another source first. So where are investors turning? And what can life insurers do to help Generation D feel in control?

Investors turning to online resources

Gen D: Life insurers who go digital can help investors feel in control
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As my colleague Mark Halverson explained in a recent post, when it comes to insurance as well as other decisions, many consumers are increasingly turning to online and mobile channels. And Accenture’s Gen D research confirms this. Younger and wealthier sub-segments of Generation D are most interested in utilizing digital tools: Resources that Generation D investors found the most attractive included: online communities where investors could interact with each other and industry professionals; online video series, seminars and investor-led education; and, connecting via social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Those life insurers who are able to provide these resources can increase investor confidence and foster stronger, more trust-based relationships between insurers and investors.

To learn more about Gen D investors, download Generation D: An emerging and important investor segment (pdf; opens in a new window).

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