I’d like to conclude this series on the benefits that insurers can gain from social media with a quick look at how to put together a sensible social media strategy.

Based on our experience with a range of clients across all industries, Accenture proposes a four-step process.

Step 1: First, define your company’s vision and then map social media initiatives to business objectives. In this phase, assess your current capabilities and begin to build a picture of what the best practices are.

Step 2: Identify the gaps between what you can do now and best practice. It’s now possible to list all the proposed initiatives along with their critical success factors and, most importantly, how success will be measured.

Step 3: Now it’s time to create an organizational and governance structure. Who is responsible for what, and who reports to whom? At this stage, it would be important to create some sort of steering committee and community of practice, as well as look at training and incentives.

Step 4: With the first three steps completed, you can now start to select technology and design a blueprint for an integrated social media solution.

To learn more, visit our social media in insurance coverage.

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