Last week, I shared three factors changing the claims landscape that should be on the agenda at every claims management meeting. I explained that, as these factors coalesce, we’ll begin to see changes to the way that the claims function operates—and notably, changes to claims technology.

Changing the User Experience: Next-Generation Claims Technology

Who are the primary users of claims technology? There are three: consumers, claims handlers and claims executives. For any new technology to work, it must satisfy all three audiences equally. In particular, there should be wins across three key questions:

  1. Do I feel more enabled? Does the technology make me feel like I’m in control of the information that I’m trying to access, harness or manipulate?
  2. Do I feel guided? Does the technology use claims details to identify possible issues or make suggestions on how to handle the file? Does it make me feel like I have covered all the bases, so that I can make sound, confident decisions?
  3. Do I have the right information? Does the technology make me feel like I’m connected to the right information?

So what does this mean for front-line claim handlers? That’s the subject of next week’s blog post.

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