As many insurers re-evaluate the role of their contact center in an omni-channel environment, Accenture believes they should keep a few goals in mind. In particular, insurers should consider how to:

  • Integrate the contact center into marketing, sales and service.
  • Make contact center operations more efficient and effective.
  • Optimize the contact center’s role in contributing to a positive customer experience.
  • Incorporate elements of digital service (such as digital delivery, e-signatures and electronic payment receipts) and determine whether and to what extent they need to upgrade or modernize their capabilities.

To help insurers meet these goals, my colleague John McNally has identified five steps on the road to transforming the insurance contact center. This week, we’ll look at the first step.

Step 1: Determine and clarify contact center strategy

There are myriad ways that an insurer can incorporate the contact center into its overall strategy. Perhaps it’s a way to capture overflow business when agents are off-duty. Maybe the contact center is open 24/7, and agents use it as a selling point with their customers. Some contact centers simply administer customer requests, while others emphasize cross- and up-selling.

As part of the strategy, insurers should define:

  • How they will measure success, particularly in four areas: financial performance, operational efficiency, customer feedback and employee engagement.
  • How they will route requests—for example, by customer segment or interaction type.
  • What business rules are needed to determine priority and special requests.
  • How the call center will be staffed—through internal employees or external vendors, or a combination of the two.

In clarifying their contact center strategy, insurers must think about their customers, their expectations and the organization’s over-arching channel capabilities. For example, high call center volumes may be a symptom of an onerous online experience. Insurers should also consider how self-service options might contribute to a positive customer experience and alleviate volume to other channels.

Join me next week as I look at two more steps in transforming the insurance contact center experience.

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