Last week we talked about the importance of using innovative collaboration technologies at the right time within the customer lifecycle. See that post here.

This week, we’ll look at the first of two opportunities for P&C insurers to add social collaboration capabilities to their business processes—innovative collaboration for contact centers.

Although collaborative interactions can be directed through agents, contact centers serve as the backbone of collaboration experiences for customers 24/7. Through the contact center, customer experiences can be delivered at the right time, rather than all the time. One aspect of right-time delivery is having multiple ways of communicating with customers throughout the dialogue—verbal, virtual, passing information back and forth, sharing documents and so forth. Accenture sees the effectiveness of contact centers as being at the heart of collaboration touch points, supporting both customers and agents.

A recent Accenture report, “The Next-Generation Insurance Contact Center: Driving the Efficient Growth Agenda,” proposes that collaboration technologies enable five key insurance contact center trends.

The Next Generation Insurance Contact Center: Driving the efficient growth agenda
View the PDF.
  • Customer experience continues to be a significant differentiator. Innovative collaboration allows the end-user to determine the level of interaction desired—when and how they want it. For example, with a click-to-“x” option customers can choose a time convenient for them to interact with the carrier. The “x” can be a chat, a call or a video session. Cold prospects become warm prospects by indicating the product or service of interest and providing their contact information. Current customers become more engaged as they are served on their terms.
  • The need for cross-channel integration intensifies. Innovative collaboration helps the insurer integrate its channels through common customer interaction platforms, providing a single view of the customer.
  • Contact centers are being called on to fuel the growth. Innovative collaboration uses chat and social media dialogues to sell, engages social care dialogue, reinforcing the brand promise and uses contact center efficiencies to enter new markets and support agency sales in an accountable and effective manner.
  • Capabilities in infrastructure and analytics are maturing fast. Innovative collaboration enables social media’s move from listening to delivering social care services and helps routing and management of chat, email, social media and other engagement on a number of platforms.
  • Continual improvement is becoming the “new normal.” Innovative collaboration employs performance analytics to measure sales, cost efficiency and customer experience benefits.

To learn more, download Enhancing Collaboration from Carrier to Customer and The Next-Generation Insurance Contact Center: Driving the Efficient Growth Agenda (PDF; opens in a new window).

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