In my previous two blog posts I have talked about an exciting new offering called the Accenture Insurance Customer Insights Solution.

This is a combination built around Pega’s tremendous expertise in front-end distribution and underwriting applications, and Accenture Duck Creek’s formidable policy administration solution.

The Accenture Insurance Customer Insights Solution opens up some really interesting possibilities for property and casualty insurers.  For example, let’s say a potential customer has just bought a new car.  With our solution, he can inquire from his mobile device about new car insurance.  His interest might be in saving money by buying minimum coverage, but, through the solution’s mobile platform and distributed business rules, we will be able to feed his driving record into an analytic solution and find that, although minimum coverage might save our customer a few dollars in the short-term, he should have more coverage based on his driving record and accident history.

This is just one example; there are many more, as integration can be extended into other personal lines such as homeowners’ insurance.  We look forward to updating you on new developments regarding the Accenture Insurance Customer Insights Solution.

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