The independent agent (IA) channel has strong assets, but is facing a future that will be more competitive, more complex and more susceptible to profound disruption. Clearly, carriers and agents need each other, and long-term success will require commitment and actions from both.

As IAs face potent forces of change—from escalating customer demands and unpredictable competition, to new technologies and seamless omni-channel integration—incremental improvements are unlikely to be sufficient. To maintain the strength of the channel, carriers and agents will need to take a more holistic and proactive approach.

We believe that for carriers and agents to optimize the IA channel and position it for growth, they should work together to achieve five mutually beneficial outcomes:

  • Greater customer loyalty
  • The ability to engage with customers on their terms, across preferred channels
  • The capacity to offer advice-oriented sales and service
  • More efficient and adaptive agency operations
  • Data-driven insights that make all parties more effective

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