The results of the Accenture Independent Agent (IA) Survey demonstrated that IAs are serious about offering exceptional customer service: many reported that customer service is a key contributor for agency success, a driver for near-term growth—and, as we’ll examine in this week’s Insurance Chart of the Week—a source of competitive advantage.

Independent agents can achieve a competitive advantage through superior advisory services

Evolving the independent agent channel - sources of competitive advantage over other agencies
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Accenture believes that IAs can leverage the competitive advantage they already enjoy by focusing more squarely on their superior advisory services. Doing so can help differentiate them from their main sources of competition: insurer-direct solutions and exclusive agents in the same geographic area.

Together, agents and their carriers will need to adopt a proactive and aggressive approach to evolve the IA channel. Register to download our Independent Agent survey report to learn about specific actions that agents and carriers can take to keep the IA channel relevant, resilient and profitable.

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