What do high performance claims look like in our digital age? Accenture has a three-step playbook to help insurers deliver next-generation claims outcomes driven by people, partners and technologies.

As I mentioned in last week’s blog post, digital has dramatically changed the insurance landscape, and the claims function is no exception. However, the underlying core competency of the claims function remains the same: settling claims quickly, efficiently and accurately.

But in a digitally driven world, what do next-generation claims outcomes look like? How are they influenced by digital, and by concurrent changes to other business functions like underwriting, finance and operations?

In this video, my colleague Darcy Dague and I share details from the three-part playbook that Accenture uses to address these—and other—important questions.

Join me next week as I wrap up this series with a look at how the claims function intersects with developments in Insurtech.

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