Accenture’s recent global insurance claims survey found that customers value access to different channels. The call center is most customers’ preferred channel for interacting with their insurers at all stages of the claim, followed by digital channels and the agent.

Digital was seen as an especially important channel for checking the status of a claim and the status of repairs or replacement. It was also the channel most likely to see an increased share of traffic in the near future. When customers were asked which channels they would be interested in using for all stages of a claim, they rated digital first, and 44 percent said they would switch providers if their preferred digital channels were not available.

Digital channels are indispensable to customer retention (image 1)

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Read the Accenture Global Insurance Claims Survey report

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    Are there any built-in UFT/Selenium automation frameworks existing in the Accenture Life Insurance Platform for Annuity application?


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