Life and annuity carriers use many communication channels with their customers and agents, while operating multiple platforms to administer their customers’ policies. What if you need to replay a transaction with a customer on one of these channels? Are you able to see what the customer saw when the transaction occurred? Can you replay what your call center representative saw or did while talking to an agent?

If you don’t have a Digital Auditing capability, you should.

Digital Auditing gives carriers a new perspective with qualitative analytics that provides insight into the experiences of each user. It lets carriers virtually peer over the shoulders of their customers online or share their full offline experience.

There are several use cases for Digital Auditing. With a recording of online customer interactions and transactions on the Web or on mobile devices, carriers can search and replay the actions of any user on their site. Having this information at their fingertips simplifies compliance and dispute resolution by allowing them to reference specific interactions. And by recording back-office transactions, carriers can enhance training and make operational improvements.

Although you would think that digital recording would be as prevalent as recording telephone calls, the recording of online transactions is just beginning to take off. The good news is that digital recording and replay solutions are already available at a reasonable cost. I expect that digital recording will follow the same journey as the recording of phone calls—namely that recording will occur only in certain areas initially, such as the claim center, but as costs go down over time, we will have the ability to record transactions across the board.

Currently, a few of the larger software companies offer this enterprise-level software as a standalone solution. Some others, like Accenture, are integrating the capability into their core platforms. This means that carriers on a modern core platform should soon be able to take advantage of Digital Auditing capabilities automatically.

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