The point of claim is where the insurer-customer relationship is tested—the proverbial moment of truth, and one that can have far-reaching consequences for an insurer’s bottom line.

For example, the Accenture Claims Customer Survey found that while most insurers deliver a satisfactory claims experience, there is still room for improvement. Fourteen percent of respondents said they were dissatisfied with their claims experience. Importantly, among those who had a dissatisfactory claims experience, 29 percent had already switched to a new provider and 54 percent planned to switch within 12 months.

For insurers, the claims contact center plays a unique role within the business, requiring agents to deliver optimal service in what can be a time of distress for the customer. Our latest report also outlines three trends that are pushing insurers to reassess how they interact with customers:

  • Evolving channel choice and omni-channel expectations require insurers to better coordinate contact center operations to deliver an optimal customer experience.
  • Customer experience is increasingly important to building trust, but many insurers still have fewer interactions with customers than companies in other industries.
  • Many insurers are trying to leverage technology, such as data and analytics, to improve the customer experience. Unfortunately, many are still largely hamstrung by legacy systems.

The goal is to achieve the appropriate balance between innovation and human technology. Getting the balance right can help insurers strengthen customer relationships. For example, handling a call appropriately can make a customer feel heard—which in turn can help mitigate the incidence and severity of claims.

My colleague John McNally recently authored a report called “Transforming the Insurance Call Center Experience.” Over the course of this blog series, I’ll look at how his insights can help insurers improve the claims call center experience.

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