The traditional insurance customer has been joined by the digitally oriented, multi-channel and 24/7 connected customer. Sometimes they are two different types of customer; in many instances they are the same person, simply in different spatial and temporal contexts.

Accenture proposes five pillars to enable insurers on their journey to customer-centricity:

  • Customer understanding. Insurers need to collect traditional and new sources of data, combined with advanced analytics, to extract the greatest value from that data.
  • Customer-oriented offerings. Insurers must be able to tailor their offerings according to customers’ needs and channel preferences—and make the offer at the right time.
  • Multi-modal interaction management. Customers expect to be able to use any and all channels to reach their insurer at times of their choosing. This includes traditional channels like agencies and call centers, and also digital and mobile channels, and social media.
  • Customer experience management. The most successful insurers truly know their customers; are sensitive to changes over time in their needs, behavior and preferences; and adjust their offerings and interactions accordingly. Continuous improvement is critical.
  • Organization redesign and change management. Moving from product-centricity to customer-centricity often requires culture change and strong leadership. Success requires champions at the executive level, as well as operating model realignment.
Customer-centricity in the digital era - The customer-centricity journey
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