Here and in the following weeks, we will delve into results of the Accenture North American Claims Investment survey to see how insurers are working to improve claims outcomes. In this research, Accenture conducted a quantitative survey of 50 US P&C insurers between March and April 2012.

Improving outdated systems to meet challenges

Accenture research reveals that P&C insurers plan on being proactive to meet existing needs and anticipate future customer demands. Investing in systems, analytics and the workforce will enable insurers to manage new forms of risk, satisfy consumer expectations and optimize claims outcomes.

North American Claims Investment Survey

To meet future challenges, technology must allow changes in system behaviors and business processes. Insurers with older claims systems are less equipped to meet consumers’ evolving needs and must spend extra time getting their IT departments to intervene and fix system glitches. New and modernized systems help provide speed and flexibility.

Next week, we’ll take a look at how insurers plan on modernizing their claims systems—and which investments are being considered to improve the process.

To learn more, download the North American Claims Investment Survey (pdf; opens in a new window) or read the press release.

Visit this blog in upcoming weeks for insights from the Accenture North American Claims Investment survey.

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