As insurers increasingly adopt a customer-centric focus, they will need strong capabilities in data and analytics to enable customer segmentation and relevant, omni-channel interactions.

Increasingly, insurers are shifting their focus from products to customers. In a survey of more than 400 insurance executives, 63 percent reported that a move to needs-based selling is a high priority. In this Insurance Insight of the Week video, we’ll look at steps that insurers are taking to foster more intimate customer experiences.

The majority of insurers are committed to creating more intimate customer relationships

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Creating intimacy with customers through insight-driven customer experiences

Insurers need a strong foundation of data and analytics, as well as robust customer segmentation models, to support their goals of being able to offer more intimate customer interactions. Doing so can improve customer engagement, strengthen relationships and increase customer retention—and in the long run, help insurers drive long-term profitability.

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