In the first part of my two-part podcast series, I identify the trends that are disrupting insurance business models and examine the impact these changes will have on insurers.

Insurers are seeing changing consumer behaviors and expectations, many innovations in technology, and an unprecedented data explosion. As a result, consumers are looking for new products and services and even pricing models; a new breed of competition is challenging long-held assumptions about the insurance value chain; and insurers will have to have to consider redefining their relationships with consumers. Insurers that fail to react to these changes will face threats to their revenue streams and margins, as well as miss new opportunities.

To learn more download: Beyond Insurance: Embracing Innovation to Monetize Disruption

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  1. Ravi, thanks for the insights. It’s always enlightening to hear relationships will always be a factor in the process, regardless of increased technology. Your recommendations for increasing value to existing clients will no doubt impact retention and acquisition numbers throughout the industry.

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