When it comes to claims, the stakes are high. Customers expect efficient, effective service—and their loyalty depends on it. And efficiency in claims can translate to cost reduction and high performance.

Recently, my colleague Patti Griffin wrote an article for Property Casualty 360 on the benefits of collaboration to the claims function. As she puts it, “Claims management is an inherently collaborative activity.”

Challenges to collaboration in claims

Patti highlights some of the challenges to collaboration in claims, notably:

  • Outdated claims systems.
  • Training and technical sophistication of claims workers.
  • Emerging, unfamiliar technology and tools.

Enhancing claims productivity

Patti cites Accenture research showing that claims adjusters spend almost half of their time on activities other than claims processing—and that to improve performance, insurers need their adjusters to be able to spend more time on activities that lead to claims resolution. She highlights some of the specific parts of the claims lifecycle where collaboration can help improve performance.

Implementing collaboration technology

Finally, Patti outlines three steps for insurers to begin implementing collaboration technology:

  1. Start small. Instant messaging is an easy way to begin collaborating.
  2. Enable a claims system that allows users to see the same information at the same time.
  3. Use business rules to automate the collaboration process.

To learn more, read Collaborating in Claims: A Conversation About Technology and Training.

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