Over the past four weeks, I’ve been discussing the benefits of collaboration for a more effective claims handling process.

Business and operating models are the most common impediments to collaboration efforts. Traditionally, insurers have siloed departments and product-centric processes; today’s market calls for agility and flexibility that is enabled by collaboration and customer-centricity.

Enhancing collaboration from carrier to customer
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To be sure, collaboration across, within and outside of the claims function runs counter to classic management culture. However, these types of cultural changes require executive buy-in, and champions who can initiate top-down change. Employees who are used to traditional ways of working may require training and incentives to embrace a more collaborative culture, and the business may need to establish new governance policies guiding the use of these tools.

That may sound like an undertaking, but it’s well worth the effort. Collaboration in claims is a critical capability that can connect multiple and disparate parties—to contribute to the overall effectiveness of an insurer’s claims handling process.

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