Enhancing collaboration from carrier to customer
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Collaboration is often touted as an effective way for workers to build rapport and be more effective, but what does it actually mean in the claims function? Here are some examples:

  • Collaboration tools can facilitate knowledge transfer between senior and junior adjusters—an increasingly important capability as many experienced adjusters retire or prepare to retire.
  • Supervisors can get a real-time look at an adjuster’s work to provide more effective feedback or recommend additional training.
  • Adjusters can see a comprehensive picture of the claim, including input from the insured, vendors such as repair shops and other third parties, resulting in fewer case touches and follow-up activities.

SharePoint is a common collaborative tool, but insurers are also using instant messaging, social media and wikis.

Collaboration can help claims professionals resolve claims faster and more accurately—for lower labor costs and happier customers. More broadly, it can facilitate the communication and teamwork necessary to foster innovation.

Next week, I’ll explore the value of collaboration for agents—sometimes referred to as an insurer’s “other customer.”

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